ORTHODONTIA – pricelist

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice


Oral consulting on tooth regulation 60.00
Patient’s repeated visit to an orthodontist for treatment control 25.00
Removable orthodontic appliances 250.00
Adjustment, correction of removable orthodontic appliances 35.00
Installation of metal brackets for one jaw in full 480.00
Activation of brackets 25.00
Repair of orthodontic appliances 80.00
Installation of ceramic brackets for one jaw in full 650.00
Replacement of broken brackets 12.00
White archs 22.00
Mandibular retainer for 6 teeth 35.00
Protective wax 8.00
Self-ligating brackets (Damon Lotus) 520.00
Ceramic self-ligating brackets (Damon Lotus) 720.00
Arch replacement (Damon Lotus) 32.00
Ceramic /sapphire brackets 520.00
Standard orthodontic cap 80.00
Orthodontic services – materials …..