Dental treatment packages at the ARS Medical Company

1-2 day packages (reserved in advance)*

1.  Dental hygiene (scale & polish) – EUR 50;

2.  Complete dental hygiene, cosmetic composite filling – EUR 150/tooth:

  • Consultation, treatment plan and quote;
  • Complete dental hygiene;
  • X-ray examination and dental repair (with cosmetic composite filling, including anaesthesia) for one tooth;
  • Each additional filling – EUR 70.

3.  Laser whitening of teeth – EUR 450:

  • Consultation;
  • Complete dental hygiene;
  • Laser whitening of all teeth.

Dental treatment packages with return visits

1.  Implantation of teeth – from EUR 700 + EUR 350 for the crown

  • First visit – EUR 700** (1-2 days):
    • Consultation and treatment plan;
    • Dental hygiene;
    • X-rays;
    • Implantation;
  • Second visit (approximately 2 mo. later) – EUR 350 (1-2 days):
    • Preparation and installation of crown.

*  Please make your reservation at least two weeks in advance.  At the same time, however, it is sometimes possible to provide services with notice of 1-3 days even without a reservation.

**  Implantation of teeth will be possible during the first visit if your gums are healthy and if there is no need for tooth extraction and/or treatment of missing bone mass.  This is something that can be determined during your initial consultation with the dentist as treatment plans are prepared.