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Modern dentistry is unimaginable without dental implants, which are the most functional, aesthetically attractive and widely demanded way of restoring teeth.

Dental implants replace dental roots. They are made of clean and bio-compatible metal compounds (titanium, gold). We use the gentle Leonardo method at the ARS Dental Clinic, which makes it possible to install implants without serious incisions in the soft tissue of your gums. Once the implant is placed in the jawbone, it takes approximately two months for it to grow into the bone. At that point, the implant takes over the functions of the original tooth’s roots. Then the tooth can be crowned with metal ceramics or other materials. If the implant is used to fill a visually defective gap in the teeth, a temporary crown can be used during the stated period.

High-quality implants, complete with the preparation, sizing and placement of the crown, can be completed during a period of between three and seven days.

Implanted teeth do not differ from natural teeth in visual and functional terms, and if you take proper care of them, they will last for a long time. We can also use bridges to replace several teeth that have been replaced with implants. Our dental specialists will help each patient to find the most appropriate individual solution.

If the size of the jawbone has shrunk because of long-lasting absence of teeth or other factors, bone grafting, sinus lifts and other procedures are available at the ARS Dental Clinic.

We offer a five-year guarantee for implants, provided that you tend to them appropriately. The more carefully and correctly you tend to your teeth and implants, the longer they will serve your needs.

Implant (artificial root) EUR 650
Crown on implant EUR 350
Sinus lift EUR 650
Bone grafting from EUR 850