PROSTHETICS – pricelist

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice



Consulting 30.00
Medium complexity treatment planning 40.00
High complexity treatment planning 60.00
3D X-ray analysis and prosthetics planning 35.00
Impression taking using alginate 20.00
Impression taking using silicone 23.00
Moulding pattern cast by a dental technician 20.00
Milling 70.00
Impression for diagnostic moulding pattern 24.00
Bridge (NPP) removal 45.00
Cementation of crown unit using temporary cement 17.00
Cementation of crown unit using permanent cement 30.00
Cementation using adhesive resin cement 37.00
Crown removal 25.00
Removal of cast and metal ceramic crowns 30.00
Bridge denture facet improvement in mouth 50.00
Whitening cap 120.00
Hard cap 140.00
Soft cap 125.00
Prosthetic services ….
Prosthetic services – materials ….
Temporary plate 1-3 teeth 150.00
Flexible full dentures 580.00
Flexible partial dentures 440.00
Flexible one-sided partial denture 380.00
Flexible plate for 1 tooth 300.00
Individual spoon 35.00
Acrylic partial removable denture 400.00
Acrylic full removable denture 500.00
Acrylic partial denture with implant abutments 800.00
Acrylic full denture with implant abutments 900.00
Immediate denture without trial stages 250.00
Denture repair (break) 48h 70.00
Denture repair (break) 24h 90.00
Tooth or bracket attaching to acrylic denture 70.00
Mesh for acrylic denture reinforcement 40.00
Plate relining using self-hardening plastic 45.00
Denture relining by polymerisation in laboratory 100.00
Removable denture adjustment 40.00
Combined arched denture (metal + plastic) 720.00
Repair of arched denture by soldering 300.00
The telescope unit in the arched denture is covered with plastic 400.00
The telescope unit in the arched denture is covered with ceramic 480.00
The telescope unit in the arched denture is covered with composite 470.00
Metal-ceramic unit with milling in an arched denture 400.00
A metal-ceramic tooth in an arched denture 400.00
Cast metal crown / bridge unit 280.00
Metal ceramic crown / bridge unit 440.00
Implant – supported metal ceramic crown 550.00
Cast metal plastic jacket crown 300.00
Restoration of ceramics on the existing crown (1 un.) 220.00
Implant – supported zirconia crown 700.00
Veneer ceramics 470.00
Composite crown /bridge unit 225.00
PMMA crown 140.00
Plastic crown (for permanent application) 170.00
Temporary plastic crown 85.00
Root inlay for one-root tooth (metal) 150.00
Root inlay for multi-root tooth (metal) 180.00
Inlay under crown 180.00
Root tooth inlay (metal) 75.00
Root tooth inlay by indirect method (1 piece) 160.00
Root tooth inlay by indirect method (2-piece) 185.00
Root tooth inlay with spherical attachment 180.00
Ceramic (pressed ceramic) or gold inlay/onlay 430.00
Root tooth inlay (composite) 160.00