SURGERY – pricelist

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice.


Surgical consulting 40.00
Surface anaesthesia 5.00
Infiltration anaesthesia 10.00
Second ampule of infiltration anaesthesia 8.00
Incision and drainage of an abscess 20.00
Extraction of one-root tooth (including dressing, auxiliaries) 65.00
Extraction of one-root moving tooth 40.00
Extraction of one-root tooth with osteotomy (including dressing, auxiliaries) 70.00
Extraction of multi-root tooth (including dressing, auxiliaries) 85.00
Extraction of multi-root tooth with osteotomy (including dressing, auxiliaries) 110.00
Extraction of multi-root moving tooth 60.00
Complicated extraction of wisdom tooth 150.00
Complicated tooth extraction (including dressing, auxiliaries) 130.00
Dressing after tooth extraction (alveoli medicamental processing) 15.00
Mandibular bone graft (artificial bone excluding) 850.00
Artificial bone or membrane (depending on the material consumption) 140.00-400.00
Treatment of alveolotis involving alveolar curettage 25.00
Suture application 15.00
Removal of sutures without anaesthesia 10.00
Front tooth root end resection 150.00
Posterior tooth root end resection 200.00
Root end resection involving cyst enucleation 200.00
Lifting (artificial bone excluding) 700.00
Tongue frenulum release without saturation 40.00
Tongue frenulum release with saturation  60.00
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